[Quick Room Fixes/DIY] Jewelry Struggles Solved!

I have way too much jewelry of all of the various types (bracelet, rings, earrings, necklaces), I’ll be the first to admit, it’s disgusting in the most beautiful, sparkly way ever. My friend Maddie has a truly ungodly amount of rings. Or maybe she has so many it makes her omnipotent in the world of jewels? Anyhow, for years now I’ve been having this issue of keeping my jewelry presented nicely, keeping it untangled, and out of the way, without using those heinous clear lucite plastic trays or set of drawers. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone else?

I am beyond proud to say I have solved the problem! *cue lightbulb and that wonderful binging noise cartoon characters get above their heads* For my rings, bracelets and earrings, I got two shallow ceramic bowls with mosaic patterned glass in the bottoms, and for the necklaces I was given my grandpa’s old 8-point deer antler rack, which was mounted sans fur, freaky glass eyeballs, etc. It was so simple and it really gives a unique touch to my room. I know some of you may be uneasy about the whole idea but I promise, if you find the right set of antlers/ the right setting it’s mounted on, you’ll like it too – there are a dozen different styles to mount antlers, and I mean just antlers.

For the bowls, I went to La Bodega ( in Ann Arbor and East Lansing), but if you’re not from Michigan I’d reccomend looking online, at a local Pier 1 Imports, or even at a local art show at the ceramic bowls (some of those pieces people make are simply out of this world). No matter what you choose, I would recommend a shallow bowl, bigger if you have a choice so you can actually see your jewels.

[Red Black Mosaic Bowl, Etsy $30.00]

For the deer antlers I’d try eBay over anything else if you’re not from the country or know someone. I suppose another option would be to call a taxidermist (but that wouldn’t be my first choice, just saying). Faux antlers are definitely another option too!

[Faux Antlers, Etsy $119.99]


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