One of a Kind

This past weekend I went to the artfair in my hometown (Birmingham, MI). I’ve been trying to save money for New Zealand, but naturally, my mom has been wanting to buy me things left and right (only child, need I say more?). I balked until I came across this jeweler. I tried on a few rings, they were all too big, then I saw this magnificent beast a few feet back in the booth and I swear when I slipped that beauty, I felt like Harry Potter when he picked up his wand and Ollivander goes (in his British accent of course) “,curious, verry curious.” (I’d like to think Ollivander was calling that magical glowing light from the ceiling curious).


So. Without too much persuasion from my mom, I got money out of the ATM – she doesn’t believe in ATMs – and she wrote me a check…. Needless to say I promptly snapped a picture with my coffee cup.


In case you’re wondering, yes, she did have more rings in the style of mine, but nowhere near as massively awesome. Nevertheless, she’s known for a different technique than my ring, so check her out. She’s very nice, and loves what she does. (She asked me when I bought my ring if I was ready to wear a sculpture on my hand).

Tana Acton


Have a good week! Hopefully I won’t be too busy and can do another post.


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